Cory Summers And The Wrath Of Naytas

13-year-old Cory Summers loves his dog, family, friends, and his carefree life on the planet Yurdai. He knows what he wants and exactly what he has to do to get it. And he prefers to do it without any help. Earning a spot on a professional hoverboarding team is his dream.

But when his best friend opens a portal to their ancestral planet of Terrapin and his little sister is taken, Cory leaves his perfect world behind and risks everything to save her.

He shouldn’t have gone alone!

Fortunately, two of his best friends ignored the danger and followed him. A recklessly courageous boy becomes an unexpected ally, and together they face voracious predators, brutal sentinels, mysterious strangers, ancient mazes, and vile aliens on their quest.

From a near-perfect world of abundance, hi-technology, and peace, to the horrifying planet of Terrapin, Cory must find a way to save his sister, keep a promise to a new friend, protect his old friends, figure out how to get them home, and learn to accept the help of others. But the powerful ruler of Terrapin, a man feared by everyone they meet, has no intention of allowing them to escape. At least, not ALL of them.

If helorpators, nine-foot sentinels, witches, and a powerful ruler determined to take over the universe don't scare you, then you found the right story. Be prepared to stay up late.

(Scheduled for publication Spring 2024)

Cory Summers And A Promise Kept

The Cory Summers adventure continues. Look for this second book in the series Fall of 2025.


Mayhem at the Middle School

My name is Grady, I live in the city of Mediocre, where I celebrated my 12th birthday nine days ago. My new stepsister, Clair, moved in 87 days ago. Based on what I saw being carried in on day one, she’ll need way more than one room. Her clothes, shoes, pillows, stuffed animals, lamps, jewelry cases, and wall decorations are going to need a place of their own! It looks like I have a lot to learn about girls.

I’ll get to the point. I overheard a plot against our town, and it included a threat directed at me! Here’s the worse part, I had no choice but to include Clair. We tried to warn everybody important, and we even have a recording to prove we are telling the truth. Did I mention that my hobby is surveillance? Between Clair’s reputation for telling unbelievable stories and my status as a snoop, there was zero chance that anyone would listen, much less take us seriously.

We were on our own. Without going into too much detail, we researched, discussed, and agreed on a plan. It required lots of surveillance equipment, perfect timing, and a ton of luck. Lives are at stake.

(Release date- Summer 2024)