13-year-old Cory Summers loves his life. His days revolve around his passion for competitive hover boarding, exploring with his dog, and spending time with his family and friends. Earning a spot on one of the nine planetary hover boarding teams is all he thinks about until his best friend accidentally opens a doorway to visitors from the desolate planet of Terrapin and things begin to go very wrong.

His sister is kidnapped, and he takes off alone across the galaxy to find her, completely unprepared for what he will find. Fortunately, he meets Nick, a recklessly courageous boy with a knack for staying alive! With the unexpected arrival of his best friends from home they form an unlikely rescue team.

Formidable beasts, vile strangers, harsh weather, and a brutal tyrant will test their strength and resolve. Insurmountable obstacles, an ancient maze, and a riddle will challenge their wits. If they learn to work together, if time is on their side, and if they get very lucky, they may even succeed … his little sisters life depends on it!

Spring 2020

RETURN TO TERRAPIN (a promise kept)  Book Two

Fall 2021