My GOAL: To Build Lifetime Readers

Method: Give Them Something They Will Enjoy Reading!

I believe that this age group is highly underwritten for so I have chosen the journey of an author to fill a void I see as critical. “My intent is to deliver a fantastic adventure and whisk you into this world of my imagination and make you fall in love with the characters. You will be having fun while you build a life skill; READING.”

I loved listening to books with my children almost more than reading to them. My husband got to read to us almost every night! (I know, I am really lucky) There is a magical moment — you can see it in their face, when the world around them melts aways and they are whisked into the world of the writers creation. They giggle, they gasp, and sometimes cringe. This is what I want to give to my readers, readies, and their parents; this special moment.

Previous Experience: 20+ years- professional marketer, business owner, presenter, copy writer. Over 25 years and counting, along with my husband, raising 3 wonderful sons.

Things I love: Reading, camping, hiking, fishing, beach vacations, cooking with family and friends, our pets, helping writers, and volunteering. (If I think of any others I will be sure and add them!)