My GOAL: To Build Lifetime Readers

Method: Write Books You Will Love Reading!

At middle-school and elementary book fairs, I hear a lot of, "there are no new books that are fun to read, Mrs. Postill."

So, I wrote some!

I loved listening to books with my children almost more than reading to them. My husband read to us almost every night! (I know, I am really lucky) There is a magical moment — you can see it in their face when the world around them melts away and they are whisked into the world of the writer's creation. They giggle, they gasp and sometimes cringe. This is what I want to give to my readers, readies, and their parents; this special moment.

I always look forward to the next book that will take me to places I have never even imagined, make my heart race, keep me up late, and introduce me to new friends. I am never bored as long as I have the amazing adventures that are captured between the pages of a great book.

Previous Experience: Professional marketer, business owner, presenter, copywriter. School district/classroom volunteer. Over 25 years and counting, along with my husband, raising 3 wonderful sons.

Things I love: People, writing, reading, camping, hiking, fishing, beach vacations, cooking with family and friends, our pets, helping writers, and volunteering. (If I think of any others I will be sure and add them!)